2014 Live Moore Award

2014 Live Moore Award

Each year, Prospect Mortgage presents a very special award to one associate. Named after Mike Moore, this award is presented to an individual or group that displays the spirit, passion, commitment and excellence that embodies the essence of Mike Moore's memory.

Inspired in part by one of Prospect's core pillars of success which dictates that the Company and our associates will continue to contribute through education and social responsibility. Mike Moore exemplified this mantra and to honor his memory, Prospect developed the Live Moore Award.

Dan Nieto said, "I want to tell you a story about one of Prospect’s finest.

Early august, One of us in the room went to his Doctor for stomach issues.  The doctor told him it was acid reflux.  After some steroids that didn’t help he went back to the Doctor. On the 3rd week of August last year, he was told he has stage 2 bile duct cancer. This is the same cancer that killed our friend and mentor Mike Moore.

Fast forward to October 22nd.  Doctors removed 1/3 of his liver and the 1 bad bile duct, placing 31 staples in his chest to close him up. They said the outlook was grim. I remember calling him, devastated to hear he had what Mike had, and I told him I was praying for him. He told me "pray for me...but I will beat this thing.  Death isn’t ready for me".

Now, it’s mid-November and we are in Atlantic City at a Prospect Realtor Rally and I get greeted by this guy.  Looking healthy, telling me he is back to work 40 hours plus a week and kicking cancer’s ass every day.

Despite all of his personal health issues, his branch along with several others in the area helped rebuild homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He helped orchestrate the branch’s move from Astoria to Bayside. And he’s still right there in the trenches with his team and yet again has led his branch to achieve Presidents club.

This man is still fighting the good fight, he has a final session next week but his outlook is solid. As I’m sure you will agree, has is the Live Moore spirit. He wants to Live Moore and he wants to be the one that outlives cancer."

It gives us great pleasure to present the 2014 Live Moore Award to Paul Baghoomian. The Award was presented at Prospect's annual President's Club event, held in April of 2014.

Please join us in congratulating Paul Baghoomian on his achievements, spirit and commitment to excellence.

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