Meet Brian Minkow — Prospect’s Top-producing Loan Officer


Meet Brian Minkow — Prospect’s Top-producing Loan Officer

Prospect’s No. 1 producing Loan Officer Brian Minkow says his success at Prospect is based on three major motivations: a poor upbringing, an insatiable desire to be No. 1 and the support offered by Prospect.

“My motivation is one thing and one thing only: Since I was 8 or 9 years old, I always had to be No. 1 at whatever I did,” says Brian. “Whether it was being a professional golfer in the 1980s [Brian turned pro in 1989], or whether it was being No. 1 in the mortgage industry, it’s not about the money — it’s about being No. 1.”

When Brian was young, his family lived in California’s San Fernando Valley and was extremely poor. This motivated Brian immensely. He got a taste of how challenging it is to live with meager means and he vowed never to be that way again.

Brian started his sales career working for his father, managing 300 sales reps in a wireless company. He then came to Prospect in 2009 after being with Washington Mutual from 1999 to 2008 as their No. 1 producer. What he liked about Prospect was upper management’s promise to help their employees be successful.

“I came to Prospect in 2008 because I loved the fact that Divisional President Donald Rosselli looked me in the eye and said, ‘I will get your loans closed,’” Brian says.

Now a Prospect Senior Vice President, Brian has been Prospect’s No. 1 producer for the past four years. His career highlights include:


Brian has grown his business annually, in part by having a dedicated team that shares his goal to be No. 1. Brian gives his team equal credit in the branch’s success, saying he know his high productivity is only possible because of his great team members and the support he gets from Prospect.

Brian also best leverages Prospect’s pillars of success: fast, efficient, accountable operational excellence; client-retention marketing that includes free, customized, and unlimited automated HTML emails for all Loan Officers; and a leadership culture that intimately understands the sales business and knows what it takes to win.

No. 1 LO Brian Minkow: How Prospect Helps Him Succeed

Prospect’s Senior Vice President Brian Minkow, who works out of the Westlake, CA, Southwest Division, has been Prospect’s No. 1 producer for the past four years. He came to Prospect in 2008, a year in which Brian wasted no time in becoming Prospect’s top producer. And he credits the company’s tools and services as a significant reason why he was able to succeed — and stay successful — so quickly at Prospect.

One of the key strengths all employees receive from working for Prospect is the management team, says Brian, who is talking about the CEO all the way down to first-line supervisors.

“Prospect management is helpful and when you call or email them you always get a call or email back,” he says. “Prospect management is Loan Officer friendly and undoubtedly helps Loan Officers to succeed.”

When it comes to Prospect services, Brian can’t say enough about Rocket Fuel, Prospect’s much-revered online platform that stores LO contact information, photos and client contact information. With that, LOs use their computers to choose from a vast library of marketing collateral, have it personalized on the fly and then email or mail it to selected people in their database. Value-driven emails are also sent automatically from Rocket Fuel on the LOs behalf to past clients.

Brian uses Rocket Fuel to reach out to his borrowers and his real estate agents.

“I also love that Prospect is a one-stop shop,” Brian says. “I can do just about any type of loan here, whether it’s FHA, VA, conventional, or jumbo and super jumbo.”

To be successful at any mortgage company, Brian says you must make sure the borrower is always handled correctly — that clients are getting the best loan possible for their needs — and for Brian, nobody does this better than Prospect.

“This industry is hard,” says Brian. “But at the end of the day you want to work for a company that has common goals and those are to fund your loans, to help the Loan Officers to be successful, and to make sure that the borrower and real estate agents are always taken care of. Customer service is everything and Prospect understands that extremely well.”

Brian Minkow Reveals Top 10 Tips of His Success

Prospect’s No. 1 producing Loan Officer Brian Minkow believes success emanates from simplicity and consistency. Motivated by his desire to be No. 1 in anything he does, Brian does 10 things every day that he says assures him of his No. 1 ranking among Prospect LOs.

Work a ‘real’ eight-hour day. Focusing for a solid eight hours per day is what it takes to be successful in this industry.

  1. Always call people back. Whether it’s good news or bad news, prompt service keeps you top of mind.
  2. Always handle the borrower’s transaction as if it were your own. Brian’s Golden Rule says whether it’s a $40,000 loan or a $4 million loan, treat it with the same high regard.
  3. Spend an extra five minutes up front to make 100% sure that your borrower qualifies without question.
  4. When you tell a real estate agent or business partner that the borrower or client qualifies, be absolutely sure that the person qualifies.
  5. Do what you say and say what you do. This is essential to establishing trust.
  6. Consistently update your clients on their loan process, such as when the file is approved, when the file goes to docs, when the file is funded, etc.
  7. Before you go home at night make sure all calls and emails are returned.
  8. Keep your borrowers, real estate agents and business associates tethered to your business with communications. Brian uses Prospect’s online platform for sending free personalized value-driven emails.
  9. Surround yourself with a company — and with employees — who have the same common goal – to always be No. 1.


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