Prospect Hires More than 150 New LO's in Q1/Q2 2015


“I joined Prospect Mortgage primarily because of the amazing leadership, the laser focus on purchase business, the strong commitment to the customer experience, a full product set to effectively market a “one-stop shop” for referral partners, and a sales environment that fosters highly productive loan officers.”  ~ Patrick Bolan, Divisional President (Texas)

“When thinking about leaving my prior company that I had been at for 8 years, I had to find a company that cared as much about purchase business as I did, as well as the ability to help me grow my business by a factor of four. I interviewed eight companies and found that Prospect Mortgage had the ability to deliver exactly what I was looking for. After being here six months, they have exceeded every expectation. I’ve  doubled my output and will double it again in another six months, all while working less hours, with less stress. What a difference this company has made on my daily life! I’m looking forward to my long career with Prospect Mortgage. ”   ~ Vanessa Henderson, Temecula, Ca.

“I have been at Prospect for just about six months and have been energized by the sales-minded managers. Prospect’s support staff is a huge help in moving the  pipeline and understanding the needs of the folks on the origination side. I have been impressed at the effectiveness of moving through tough files and how willing the processors, underwriters and closers are to happily go the extra mile to take care of our borrowers. It is truly a solutions-based team throughout the organization and I am so happy to be a part of this special group.”  ~ Jason Griesser, Philadelphia, Pa.




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