Scotsman Top Originators

Year after year, Prospect LOs Qualify for submission to the Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators List

Each year, Scotsman Guide publishes a list of Top Originators. This qualification is based on a total personal residential loan volume of at least $30 million or personally closing at least 100 home loans in the year.

Many Prospect LO's qualify for submission to this annual list.

In 2012, 78 dedicated Prospect LOs met the Scotsman Guide list criteria. In 2013, 66 qualified for submission. As of this writing, the 2014 list is pending, but even in a year of consolidation where the mortgage industry shifted from re-fi to purchase business, we expect to see many Prospect LO's names on the list.

Irrespective of housing market fluctuation, the qualification for submission has remained unchained, and is based on a total personal residential loan volume of at least $30 million,  or personally closing at least 100 home loans during the year.

Each year, we run an ad touting this achievement. A sample of this ad is below. 

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How do so many Prospect LOs acoomplish this?

Certainly, they’re dedicated hard-working sales professionals. Behind the scenes, they are backed by programs and a support infrastructure that fosters growth and personal success, including

  • Executive leadership responds to LO needs;
  • operational support that focuses on closing purchase loans on time;
  • diversified loan products that meet the changing needs of borrowers;
  • an LO Concierge and Acclimation Team that ensures new LOs a smooth and successful transition to Prospect.

“Prospect is very proud that so many of their dedicated LOs made the qualifying list,” said Prospect Mortgage’s President of National Lending Doug Long. “This is a testament to our high-quality people and the infrastructure we have in place.”

Prospect’s full-service recruiting department, called “Powerhouse,” is committed to hiring, growing and developing Prospect and supporting new recruits. Powerhouse’s onboarding and acclimation services ensure a smooth and successful transition for new hires. This includes training and setting up new recruits in systems; notifying clients of their move; implementing marketing tools, licensing, etc.; and staying with new hires for two years to assure a strong start.

Powerhouse works 24/7. Whenever a recruit has a concern or a question, a Powerhouse team member is there to help. The team’s retention rate for recruits is 92%; where the industry standard is 53%.

If you would like to know why Prospect Loan Originators are thriving and, overall, finding a high-level of business and personal success, contact me today.

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