Why Top LOs Choose Prospect:

Why Top LOs Choose Prospect:

  • One of the largest independent retail residential mortgage lenders in the United States
    • Funded over $17 billion in the last 2 years
    • Typically Top 20 in purchase origination nationwide from quarter to quarter
    • FHA/VA leader - Top 10 in FHA/VA loan origination, #5 in FHA purchase, #2 in FHA 203(k)
  • Significant retail presence
    • Nationally, 700+ licensed originators in 100+ branches and 65+ licensed desk rentals
    • National call center for interstate lending and niche client capabilities
    • Lending in 47 states and the District of Columbia
  • Focused on purchase mortgages
    • Twice the industry average in purchase %
    • 150+ strategic alliances with Realtors
  • Growing Correspondent and Servicing businesses
    • Leveraging company strengths and taking advantage of market opportunities to acquire correspondent volume and MSRs
    • Servicing portfolio $15 billion+ and growing
  • Strong financial position
    • Capitalized by Sterling Partners, a large private equity firm with over $5 billion in assets
    • GNMA Seller Servicer Capability
    • Member of the Chicago Federal Home Loan Bank


Prospect is:

Why this is important:

One of the largest independent retail residential mortgage lenders in the United States

Focus on retail mortgage lending;  we don’t sell anything else

Twice the Purchase % of industry average

Focus on sources of purchase loans – REALTORS

Direct lender (to Fannie and Freddie)

No 3rd party overlays; we make our own underwriting decisions

Ginnie Mae seller/servicer

We have our own FHA underwriting guidelines (e.g., 580 FICO “New Opportunity”); we retain our FHA servicing

In-house Jumbo

We control the guidelines and processing service levels

Renovation lending leader

Allows agents to expand housing inventory by using a renovation loan to brighten up a tired listing

New Construction lender

New Home permits are on the rise;  special products and services for builders

Call center platforms

Interstate lending channels; specialty business capabilities

$15 billion servicing portfolio

Stable source of cash flow; provides a macro hedge against production swings

Correspondent lending channel

Leverage economies of scale;  improved agency high balance execution; accelerated MSR acquisition


LO Tools

  • RocketFuel Marketing Portal - thousands of pieces of marketing collateral and email capability to target all your agent database multiple times a month
  • REAL – Real Estate Agent Learning network – monthly webinar offering valuable education to agents
  • Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM II) – with the new Home Scouting® Report app and QuickEnroll® App to aggregate, incubate and convert buyers
  • Salesforce CRM (in deployment)
  • Todd Duncan tools, coaching and scripts


Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM II) is a licensed real estate brokerage services company in all states where it offers real estate services, including the Home Scouting Report® (HSR). As a Preferred Lender of HBM II, the role of the mortgage company is to work with the agent in the area of converting lost contacts to sales and to assist in determining a comfortable home price range for HBM II to use when searching for property listings within the buyer's search criteria. The Home Scouting Report is a free online home finding service provided directly to prospective homebuyers by Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. and its real estate brokers as part of their ordinary real estate brokerage services.
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