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What Animal Are You?

By: Kelly DInnocenti | Published on: 06/07/2012
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Everyone has his or her own Serengeti to survive, be it a hostile environment or difficult challenges. And learning how wild animals survive in the Serengeti can help us negotiate our own travails.

This is the subject of Stefan Swanepoel's new book, "Surviving Your Serengeti." The book calls attention to seven survival skills "that the animals on the Serengeti use to overcome their harsh conditions."

We see the endurance of the migrating wildebeest and are reminded that people frequently give up too soon or fail to pace themselves adequately in their endeavors. They might run a sprint when the real task is a marathon. The wildebeest shows us methodical determination through difficulty and hardship.

We witness lions hunting as a team with exact precision and stealth, each with a specific responsibility. If one falters, the hunt is unsuccessful and the pride goes hungry. Similarly, if someone on your team fails to execute his or her part of the plan, might your team go hungry?

We see the enterprising crocodile - unable to chase its prey like the lion - waiting and then boldly seizing every opportunity that comes its way. A fitting parable for business: You must develop a mindset to actively seek opportunities, be prepared to act and swiftly execute.

The flipside is also true. Avoid the skeptical or cynical mindset that will prevent you from seeing opportunities. Avoid being so wrapped up in daily operations that you're left unprepared or slow to execute.

If you're curious, you can find out your instinctive animal skill by taking a three-minute quiz at What Animal Am I?

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