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QR Codes: What You Need to Know

By: Kelly DInnocenti | Published on: 06/15/2012
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QR CodeToday, more and more marketers are taking advantage of an easy-to-use, high-tech tool to drive web traffic and increase business: the QR code. Short for "quick response," QR codes are smart bar codes. When scanned by customers, QR codes take them directly to a website for additional messaging and content.

Any URL can be quickly turned into a QR code. That scannable bar code can then be placed on all kinds of advertisements: property flyers, business cards, print ads, and listing signs. Virtually anything that's printed can display a QR code.

When clients see a QR code on your printed material, they can scan it with their smartphone (free code reader apps are easily downloaded and some phones have them built in). The code can link them to a web address, email or instant message; it can also download your vCard contact information, dial a phone number, or download an MP3.

Each scan is tracked, giving you the ability to monitor ROI and what your clients are seeking. This increase in customer data collection can be crucial for advancing business and marketing strategy.

Results don't lie: According to a study by the research firm comScore, 20.1 million consumers scanned a QR code over a three-month average period ending October 2011. That number is expected to rise.

Multiple vendors offer easy ways to use QR code marketing. For example, turn any URL into a QR code at helps you create a mobile friendly landing page. To display video tours, go to YouTube, capture that URL, and turn it into a QR code. Search for alternate ways to utilize QR codes for your business online.

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