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Keywords Part 2: Placing Keywords in Your Content

By: Kelly DInnocenti | Published on: 06/21/2012
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Perhaps the most important SEO tactic that search engines use to rank sites in search results is based upon a page's keywords. Keywords (or key phrases) mainly refer to those words typed into search engines in order to find relative content.

Once you determine the keywords and phrases that are relevant and popular to your audience, you need to strategically place them in your copy. Here are some tips on where to put them.

  • Treat each web page individually and use keywords relevant to your page's topic. Keywords can certainly be repeated on different pages if the topic warrants their use.
  • As a rule, a 300-word web page should have two or three keywords or phrases that a person would use to find your content.
  • Make sure keywords appear in your browser page title, content headlines and body text, especially in the first line of the first paragraph.
  • Search engines like bulleted lists, so where appropriate, use keywords in lists.
  • When you link to either internal or external web pages, use your keywords in the hyperlinked text that visitors click on.
  • Place links using your keywords in any content you share, such as press releases and articles.

Finally, search engines know when you are trying to trick them. A big mistake is to "stuff" your site with keywords. This means using an excessive number of keywords on a page to try to make your content seem more relevant and popular to your audience. This tactic will actually help lower your ranking.

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