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Welcome Summer!

By: Kelly DInnocenti | Published on: 06/20/2012
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Welcome Summer!

Did You Know?

June 20 marks the summer solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.

One sound that heralds the coming of summer is the iconic ditties of the ice cream truck - the simple melodies on a loop with names like Turkey in the Straw, Lips Stained Blue, Soft Serve Sleepytime and the Mister Softee jingle.

The earliest ice cream trucks with music had mechanical music boxes taped to their steering wheels. The driver would crank the music box by hand to generate music.

Some of these ice cream songs have a long history. Turkey in the Straw is a well-known American folk song first popularized in the late 1820s.

There are 94 days of summer in 2012. That's 135,360 minutes. Make the most of each one.

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