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Distinguish Yourself from your Competition

By: Kelly DInnocenti | Published on: 11/09/2010
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Insight Now(November 2010) Bestselling author Scott McKain believes that the phenomenon of uniformity (when companies lose their distinction by copying their competitors rather than innovating to meet customer needs), is rampant in today's business world. In Scott's latest book "Collapse of Distinction: Stand out and move up while your competition fails," he shows how to differentiate your business in the marketplace, which is vital to securing customers and growing marketshare.

In the latest InsightNOW interview, Chief Performance Officer Todd Duncan and Scott McKain discuss strategies for creating distinction and using it to connect with customers to build loyalty. "Customers are looking for more than good service," says Todd. "Customers want to see that business people are passionate about their product, so they can be passionate about it too."

Differentiate yourself from the competition by implementing Scott's four cornerstones for distinction:

  • Clarity: How do you define your business and what you do? Identify the one thing that makes you and your business uniquely distinct.
  • Creativity: Once you've chosen your unique business aspect, look for innovative and creative ways to market it.
  • Communication: Make sure you are communicating with customers in a compelling manner that creates an incredible experience for them. This drives passion and loyalty in your customers
  • Client experience: Put yourself in your customer's position and ask, "What does it feel like to do business with me?" Communicating your message in a passionate, personal way allows customers to connect with you on a deeper level.


Watch Now! Listen to Todd Duncan and Scott McKain as they discuss how you can truly differentiate your business from the competition.
Watch Now! For more information on Scott's book, visit:



InsightNOW delivers the freshest ideas from America’s foremost thought leaders and best-selling authors to give you an edge in business and in life. Through interactive interviews with key authors, Prospect Mortgage’s Chief Performance Officer Todd Duncan – the author of 14 sales performance, self-improvement and time-management books, including two New York Times best-sellers – delivers thought-provoking ideas to power career and life goals.

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